capptures everything™

We all pay too much tax.

Mostly because we’re too busy, too disorganized, or maybe
just too tired, to keep track of the bits of paper that we need
to “vouch” the write offs.
Every lost receipt is a lost opportunity to PAY LESS TAX.
That stops now.



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You need to know

1. Your DioShoebox™ is your private and secure online storage space. It’s protected by a password that you set up, and only you know. No personal data - such as an address, telephone number, or SIN number - is ever capptured by the app.

2. The download is FREE. So is every upload. There is no cost to download DioShoebox™  on your phone, and no transaction fee on uploads to your DioShoebox™. Therefore no billing/credit card information is stored in your file. However, you will need a valid account at the app store of your choice to download the FREE app.



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